• Ogontz F Series Fluid Temperature Sensing Valves

    Maximum Performance, Minimum Cost Benefits

    • Easy installation, low installation costs
    • Automatic fail-safe design
    • Reliable, unattended operation
    • Minimal maintenance requirements
    • Eliminate costly freeze damage
    • Reduce cost of seasonal open blocked valves
    • Protect personnel from accidental scalding at emergency shower and eyewash stations
    • Increased efficiencies in cooling water control
    Design Features
    • Fail-safe (direct acting valve opens)
    • Self-contained actuator: Solid/liquid thermal actuator requires no external power or remote signal
    • In-line serviceability (exception 1/2 F Tubular)
    • Insensitive to line pressure
    • Valve port opens/closes gradually, preventing system shock
    • High repeatability: No set pint drift
    • Temperature set pints from 35°F to 255°F
    • Available in line sizes from 1/2" to 2"
    • 100% factory tested
    Self-Contained Thermal Actuator
    The heart of the F Series valve is a unique, solid-liquid phase thermal actuator. This hydrocarbon wax-filled device actuates the valve in response to changes in temperature. The transition from solid to liquid phase causes a large change in volume, exerting a tremendous force over a narrow temperature band.

  • TMR Valve

    Design Features

    • Self Operated
    • Brass or Stainless Steel
    • Body and Components
    • Long life HNBR plug seal
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Ogontz thermal actuator
    • Maximum operating pressure 120 Psig [8.3 bar]


    • Easy installation
    • Reliable, unattended operation
    • Minimal maintenance
    • Provides effective control

    Various Applications in:

    • Temperature Control
    • Scald Protection
    • Partial Bypass
    • Bleed Off
    Valve Operation
    Example: Model  TMR100 starts to open when water temperature is 85oF [29.5oC]. Valve is fully open at 100oF [37.7oC].  As water temperature lowers, valve starts to close, and is fully closed by 85oF [29.4oC].