• IEV Instrument Enclosure Steam Control Valves

    Design Features

    • Thermal actuator controls flow of steam as needed— eliminates danger of overheating temperature sensitive instruments or analyzers
    • Provides effective freeze protection
    • No explosion proof housings or other precautions needed
    • Pre-calibrated actuators are interchangeable for quick easy change of enclosure temperature
    • Direct acting (no pilot valve)
    • High repeatability (no control point drift)
    • Valve port opens gradually preventing system shock
    • Range of temperature control points from 35°F to 240°F
    • Maintains enclosure temperature to within ± 3°F of control point over wide range of ambient temperatures and steam supply pressures
    • 100% factory tested
    Note: Valve will slowly actuate within a 15°F differential of factory calibrated specified stepoint.