• ST-STE Labeled Image

    The ST/STE is a fully self-contained temperature control valve. It effectively maintains the desired temperature in a process pipe or storage tank by automatically regulating steam flow in response to changes in fluid temperature. As a result, its operation minimizes costly steam waste and prevents damage to process fluids due to overheating.High reliability, low maintenance, and long service life are assured by a state-of-the-art precision thermal actuator. The ST/STE valve eliminates the use of delicate capillaries, hazardous chemically-filled diaphragms or thin-walled bellows. It can also be used to back up existing electrically traced systems, with significant savings and equivalent temperature control.The ST can be attached to a process pipe or tank wall by welding or banding (e.g. stainless steel worm gear pipe clamp) and thermally bonded to the wall with thermal cement, without penetrating the wall.For those applications calling for the penetration of a tank wall, our STE valve can be supplied with an acutator extension of up to 72 inches in brass or stainless steel along with an associated thermal well in those materials. For longer lengths, consult your local authorized distributor for pricing and availability.Design Features

    • Direct acting (no pilot valve)
    • Self-contained, solid-liquid thermal actuator requires no external power or operating signal
    • High repeatability — no set point drift
    • Valve port opens gradually, preventing system shock
    • Temperature set points from 35°F to 240°F
    • In-line serviceable
    • Line sizes 1/2" through 2"
    • 100% factory tested
    Self-Contained Thermal Actuator The heart of the valve is the unique, solidliquid phase thermal actuator. This hydrocarbon wax-filled device actuates the valve in response to changes in ambient temperature. The transition from solid to liquid phase causes a large change in volume, exerting a tremendous force over a narrow temperature band.